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The online submission system will be opened on April 2nd .  

Abstract submission deadline (PDAA 2018)
July 06, 2018

Presentation format consists of Poster Presentation and Oral Presentation.
Details will be announced later 

Abstract Submission Guidelines
Please proceed registration. The presenting author will be notified about the successful submission of their abstract by email once the submission is complete. All abstracts must be submitted through the on-line submission system. Click on “Abstract Submission
After abstract submission, the presenting author will be notified about the successful submission of their abstract by email once the submission is complete. Please note that confirmation mail will not be sent to co-authors. In that, submitted abstracts will be previewed by the Organizing Committee and evaluated in terms of their appropriateness and their overall quality.


Abstract will be published. Please make sure that title, authors and affiliation must be written, and please note that it is difficult to change the content once submitted.
The abstract (less than 500 words) should following the structure below:
Research Article:Background, Aim, Design, Results, Conclusions,Keywords: 3 to 5
Case Report:Introduction,Case Report,Comments,Keywords: 3 to 5


Abstract Submission Categories
Please submit your abstracts under any of the following topics:
1. Caries Prevention and Dental Health Policy for Children
2. Restorative Dentistry/Dental Materials
3. Dental Traumatology
4. Dental Anomalies
5. Interceptive Orthodontics/Growth and Development
6. Sedation and General Anesthesia of Pediatric Dental Patients/Children
7. Oral Disease and General Health
8. Basic Research in Pediatric Dentistry
9. Practice Management


Poster Presentation
Pushpins and ribbons will be provided along with the board, please place your poster in the designated area.
Please come for the set-up and removal at the designated time. If the poster presenter is unable to meet the set-up or removal times, please kindly arrange for someone else to assist.
Please find the following set-up, removal and presentation times as arranged later.

The size of the poster panel is W90cm×H120cm . As the number plate will be prepared by the Secretariat, each presenter is responsible for preparing your posters with a slip written with the Presentation Title, name(s) of author(s) and affiliation(s).
Please list any financial relations with commercial interests and to place a slide in your presentation data. If there is nothing to be disclosed, presenters are required to place a slide or a poster to demonstrate nothing to disclose.



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