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Nestor Cohenca

Character introduction

- President of International Association of Dental Traumatology.
- Affiliate Professor of University of Washington School of Dentistry and Seattle Children’s Hospital.


Pre-congress title: Improving the prognosis of traumatized teeth
Abstract: Traumatized teeth present a clinical challenge with regard to their diagnosis and treatment planning. Prognosis of avulsed teeth entirely depends on the extraoral time and the conditions in which the tooth was preserved prior to replantation. Unfortunately, the vast majority of avulsed teeth are not replanted immediately at the site of injury and consequently the development of replacement resorption is inevitable. This presentation will discuss novel approaches aiming at improving the prognosis of avulsed teeth by preventing or delaying the onset of replacement root resorption.


Keynote speech title: Vital Pulp Therapy and treatment of immature teeth with pulp necrosis. Apexification or Regenerative endodontics 
Abstract: Pulp therapy aims to preserve and protect the inflamed pulp tissue from additional injury and facilitate its healing and repair while maintaining the health status of the tooth. With the advent of new biomaterials, the outcome of vital pulp therapy increased significantly with a high level of predictability. Contrarily, necrotic pulps with apical periodontitis present a clinical challenge, particularly in immature roots with short undeveloped root structures, thin dentinal walls, wide-open foramens and unpredictable disinfection, all of which will affect the long-term treatment outcome. MTA apexification remains a great treatment option for immature necrotic teeth, particularly for cases with advanced root development. Pulp revascularization exploits the full potential for tissue ingrowth toward dentin-like tissue deposition and stronger roots able to withstand fracture, mainly on teeth with poor maturation. This presentation will review the current evidence-based research for vital and non-vital therapy for the young permanent dentition and illustrate the importance of case selection to obtain positive outcome.

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