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Wenyuan Shi

Character introduction

- Chief Executive Officer & Chief Science Officer of the Forsyth Institute.


Title: Managing Dental Caries Through Oral Microbiome Manipulation
Abstract: Modern science has discovered the real “microbial” jungle in oral cavity. From “biofilm” to “metagenomics” to “microbiome”, oral microbiology is experiencing a new revolution in understanding oral microbial infections.  With trillions of cells and hundreds of species in oral cavity, these bacteria were found to form multispecies microbiomes in well organized social structures.  Within these well organized communities, oral bacteria act cooperatively to cope with various adverse conditions and maximize their utilization of available resources.  On the other hand, however, each individual species within the communities also compete with other species occupying the same niche for the limited nutrients and space. These competition and coexistence lead to homeostasis or dysbiosis of oral microbiome, which is the key to various major oral microbial infections such as dental caries.  The talk will cover some latest scientific advancement in this field.  Furthermore, the presentation will describe how these scientific advancements led to the development of the new tools for early detection, effective treatment and prevention of dental caries, which could greatly impact pediatric dentistry.